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Tarl Feser, former front man for the successful rock group Sam and his solo rock project, Tarl, is stretching his legs and his voice in a new musical endeavor. Tarl is a singer/songwriter with a flare for entertaining and a voice that captures. Having attended the University of Rock & Roll for many years, Tarl has had the privilege of releasing multiple full length albums, worldwide airplay, multiple North American tours, movie and video game soundtracks and the honor of sharing the stage with a myriad of acts such as Maroon 5, Nickleback and Train and so many more.
Some say these new songs are a new style, a new beginning for Tarl but he see's it a bit differently..."I've been writing these kinds of songs all my life, it's just the first time I've actually shared them!" lol

Tarl Feser is an accomplished singer and songwriter. He performs professionally as a solo acoustic or full band depending on the occasion. Book Tarl today!

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Ryan McAllister - producer, engineer, guitarist, singer, lyricist and musician whisper-er
Hoto Parker - drums, percussion, song saver ("taken" arrangement) and singer whisper-er
Jeremy Friesen - bass
Spencer Turpin - guitar
Jeff Ellis - guitar
Kyler Pierce - steel guitar, electric guitar
James Stobbe - keys

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Mission, BC, Canada

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